Monetizing your apps has never been easier with Admost Lite

Are you looking for a fast and easy monetization solution for your mobile apps and don’t know where to start?
Get ready to join the top publishers in the mobile industry with Admost Lite introduced by Admost Mediation, including demand from Meta Audience Network, Pangle, Admob, Mintegral. Benefit from an advanced technology suite, programmatic expertise, and individual approach tailored to your needs to kick-start the industry.
Turning your app into a business is just one click away now

What is Admost Lite

As mobile gaming spending is climbing each year, the mobile advertising sector is growing to be a thrilling and a fast paced environment that may be hard to keep up with at the beginning.
We believe every promising publisher should have the support and expertise to monetize and grow their apps. Regardless of their location or the stage of their business. However, diving into all the data and analytics all at once can be overwhelming and destructive if the timing is not right for your app.
Therefore, we have created Admost Lite for you to join the top publishers in the industry with a lite SDK, and an easy integration mediation tool. We want to include every promising publisher in the industry to grow with us. And that includes you.


Lite SDK
Easy Integration
Hybrid Technology
Strong Ad Network Partners
Admost Lite allows you to leverage mobile advertising expertise, advanced hybrid technology, and an individual approach tailored to your needs with an easily integrated lite SDK. We adopt a hybrid technology that offers publishers to access advertiser demand from bidding networks while yielding the highest possible eCPM value for each user. This expertise is achieved through our personalized waterfall technology that disregards the location of the user.
Personalized waterfall and bidding technology lets you overcome operational barriers and explore entry and growth strategies in different areas while yielding the highest possible return with the hybrid technology. Thus, kick start demand generation with the top ad networks including Meta Audience Network, Admob, Pangle and Mintegral.

Who Can Benefit?

Admost Lite is dedicated to include publishers who are:
From APAC regions
Indie Developers
Independent Studios
Early Stage Teams
With promising apps that are guaranteed to succeed in the industry with the right monetization strategy. By doing so, we aim to expand the industry and allow everyone to unleash their potential.

How does Admost Lite work?

Bidding and waterfall combined in Admost Hybrid algorithm
Fast and easy 5-step integration model
No country settings with personal waterfall technology
Pre-set ad networks including Meta Audience Network, Admob,Pangle and Mintegral

5-Step Integration

Admost Lite can be integrated with 5 simple steps to start monetizing your apps with high-quality ad inventory from the top ad networks in the mobile sector. Every detail of these steps will be shared once your account is opened to free you from any hassle. The overall steps are below;
100+ Publishers from APAC generate
Monthly Total Ad Revenue of
Monthly Total Ad Impressions of
Are you ready to get started?