Mobile Ad Mediation

As a publisher, ad revenue is crucial to make money off a mobile app. In the beginning, there were just a few ad networks and publishers had no other choice except waiting to fill ad zones by those networks. Today, mobile ad market is way bigger than it was before and it is not easy to catch up.

Our company was a publisher when we came up with the Admost idea. We tried many ways to increase our ad revenue. First, we tried to arrange ad networks manually day and night. Then we found out there were many mediation systems to do it. We tried some of them, compare them. We understood the system, decided to do it our way, and created an algorithm to use in our mobile app. Compared it, developed it, changed it and formed it.

We are different because we started this as a publisher, like you.


There are so many ad networks. Every ad network has different sizes of inventories and user behavior is an important effect while filling ad spaces. eCPM rates change every day, every hour, and even every minute. So it is too hard to put in order ad networks while requesting for an ad. Manually setting ad networks can give you a heart attack while tracking eCPM rates and trying all ad networks that you integrated; we know because we tried it.

We also tried using standard mediation tools and found out that waterfall lists are not as dynamic as they should be.

So we came up with an idea while forming our waterfall list and created an algorithm that prioritizes higher eCPM rates while requesting and no matter where the user is located, Admost waterfall dynamically and instantly routes the best yielding waterfall depending on the user’s quality.

Supporting Many
Ad Networks

Integration is the most exhausting part because of the many ad networks and methods to integrate to your code. Don’t you want to integrate only one SDK that searches for new ad networks, tries their performances, and suggests you the optimal ones while you focus on your app?

Admost gives you this chance. You can have access to 30+ ad networks with only one SDK and direct support during integration from Admost expert team.

eCPM Value of
Each Ad Network

Every ad network has own rule for interactions; CPM, CPA etc. Let’s talk about these terms. CPM means cost per mile; it means cost for one thousand impression and counting an impression for CPM differentiates for ad networks. Some networks count the ads that stay on a screen for "x" seconds, some networks count the ads that come up while scrolling down, so we can say that it is a many-sided policy. The other rule, CPA, stands for cost per action. There are many user interactions that count as actions for this rule: clicking, downloading, submitting a form etc. This many variables means also CPA differs between ad networks.

Since there are so many rules for so many interactions, as Admost, we decided to make our own rule for sorting fairly. We keep different types of data (eCPM that networks state and eCPM calculated by AdMost system) to compare them and maximize the revenue.

Compare Ad Networks

When the aim is to increase your ad revenue, you should have the control. You should be able to track ad networks’ performance from a dashboard and differentiate them by their fill and eCPM rates, performances in different times, daily or hourly requests required from you etc. When the aim is the continuity of your mobile app, you should analyze users. User acquisition, activity analysis, LTV, and retention analysis should be the core of your focus. Many things to check up on.

Admost is here for you and does all that for you. You can see all ad networks from one dashboard,which is a very detailed one. You can see all the values that you need, manage settings like daily and hourly capping per ad network for each zone and you can see all analytics values from a dashboard.

Monetization Priority

While manually setting ad networks, it is nearly impossible to track ad networks’ eCPM change. So if you want to increase your ad revenue, at some point you’ll need to use a mediation system. You are going to search for it, some offers will draw your attention. I can say that especially mediation systems which do not charge you will be your favorites. But you should think who earns you money without taking something from you?

There is a term in mobile app ad jargon: valuable users. These users are the people who interact with ads; they click, download, watch etc. If you had a chance to choose these users to show ads from your ad networks, I bet many of you would.

Many mediation systems also have ad networks and show ads to your valuable users from their networks and distribute other users to other ad networks, this is how they are charging you. Maybe you are thinking it is cool and does not matter to you, but you should think how much you would earn if your valuable users’ requests went to other networks that give more eCPM.

As Admost team, one of our true mission is to show what is really going on among ad networks and give the opportunity to a publisher for oyer and terminer with fully-transparent data. Admost has no connection with any ad networks and its algorithm just works on behalf of publishers and gives first look chance to ad networks which really deserve.


It is important to create an environment of trust when the subject is money. Having an account on ad networks and keeping your money on your account is a fundamental right of you as a publisher. There should be nobody between you and your account; would you commend your bank account to somebody else?

Admost lets you have an account on ad networks for peace of mind, you will see balance by month and directly keep your money on your account as it should be.


Think that, you have a mediation system that completely satisfies your needs and also you are using an analytics tool to analyze IAP revenue. But how will you compare data? I can tell you, you have to make your own system; retrieve ad data from mediation

system, retrieve IAP purchases from analytics and then compare them like you do not have anything else to do. Admost Mediation comes with an analytics tool which combines mediation data for analytics.

Cross Promotion

If you have a chance for showing your products’ ad in your mobile apps, wouldn’t you want it? Admost Cross Promotion gives you that opportunity; your mobile app will show your promotion if system can not fill the zone with ad network which

happens when ad networks give under determined eCPM rate that you set. Cross Promotion creates a win-win situation and you can set your own ecosystem for your products.

Premium Ad Hosting

Advertising for mobile apps consists of many choices. Brands can directly place an ad on your mobile app if you have an ad server agreement as well as they can place an ad using ad networks. There are pretty good agreements between publishers and brands who want to show an ad on directly brand-related mobile apps. As a publisher, you know the prices of having an ad server, and maybe you are not sure about cost comparison for having an ad server and showing premium ads.

Admost Premium Ad Hosting service comes with a mediation tool and lifts the burden of the ad server. You can have an agreement with a brand and show its ad by determining eCPM and bring it in line in the waterfall list. The only thing you have to do is upload a file as HTML5 or image banner and then lean back!


User acquisition is a critical issue for all markets; all structure is established on this. Knowing which channel brings you more customers can abolish this issue and create a chance for estimation of ROI.

Admost collaborated with Adjust and for tracking user acquisition and shows which channel brings you more.

Think of a tool; a mediation for increasing ad revenue and also shows you where you should place an ad and decrease your marketing budget by eliminating channels according to user gainings. Try Admost and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Lifetime Revenue Value of an User

An analytics tool is a necessity for publishers to analyze the state of affairs, but data you are examining on analytics is sometimes not accurate because of lack of data. When you have a chance to analyze LTV with ad revenue data combined with IAP data, you will reach the most accurate LTV.

Admost has ad revenue data by the mediation system and associates with IAP. There is no other tool that gives you the opportunity to analyze users with ad revenue and IAP data. Besides, you can see all in one dashboard, as for us it is worth to try.

Support for Ad

The number of tools we are using on the Web is umpteen. When you come across a problem or do not understand how to use something, you should search for a solution, watch usage information videos and sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees. Maybe you are waiting for weeks for mails as an answer for tickets.

Running into a trouble while getting used to new systems is inevitable. For all issues in your mind, Admost has a team for full service. Admost takes publishers as partners and gives them technical help. Consultancy is an important issue to work and grow together.