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MONETIZATON PRIORITY Your Company Prefer Their Ad Network’ Revenue Always Working For Publisher’ Revenue
ANALYTICS Need to integrate an analytics tool No Analytics Real-Time Analytics tool with ad revenue and IAP data
TRACKING Need to integrate a tracking tool No Tracking Integrated Tracking with LTV and ROI
LIFE TIME REVENUE OF AN USER No LTV No LTV Real LTV calculated from Ad Revenue & In-App Purchases combined
COHORT No Cohort No Cohort Strong behavioral analytics that show meaningful data about user habits
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“No More GEO located optimization” The whole in-app advertising industry considers GEOs or tiers as optimization criteria; Ad networks set different floor price levels per GEO due to the economic conditions of advertisers’ side for the different campaign and country levels as usual. On the other hand, mediation systems adjust their algorithms to the classic [

  As a freemium app publisher, monetization is the one core business that you have to consider in terms of ad revenue and in-app purchases; in the meantime analyzing the audience data and tracking the LTV and ARPU values is another core business to sustain and grow your application. In principle, monetize-analyze-grow is an infinite [

You develop a freemium app, it’s all set and done, and you want to increase your revenue by in-app advertising. It could be tricky choosing the right ad format for your application since you will have a variety of ad types to apply on your app screen; and depending on the nature and the category [

What is Admost and how are you positioned in the market? Admost Mediation Router is an only mediation tool; which optimise the various ad networks to maximise the revenue of the mobile app and game publishers. The country based automatic waterfall algorithm put the ad networks in order due to their revenue earning performance. Admost [

Let’s start with the meaning of these two metrics; Fill rate denotes the ratio of number of publisher’ s ad requests in relation to successfully displays ads (return ads). Formulaically; Fill Rate = # of ad delivers/ # of ad requested. For instance; If the publisher sends 100M ad request to ad network and the [

The mobile advertising market continues its rapid growth and seems that the market will become more competitive with the increasing number of publishers and ad networks. Ad networks seek new opportunities, new solutions for the publishers to sell more inventory and get more conversion. On the other side, publishers put more effort to increase their [

  1) Admost Mediation Router is an independent mobile ad mediation tool; does not have owned inventory to serve, just works as a router to serve best yielding ad networks in order. Being an ad network and having a mediation system causes conflict of interest and a detrimental effect in revenue returns. Admost Mediation is a [

For the publishers who are using Mopub ad server; Admost Mediation SDK does not have any technical relation with Mopub Ad Server on the server side. Clients continue using Mopub Ad Server for their premium sales and sponsorship ads while using Admost Mediation. If the client’s request cannot be matched on Mopub ad server side, [